"I am a woman in process. I'm just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience,and learn from it.
Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time Flies When I'm Loving Life

 I've been having such a wonderful time here in "the magic bubble" that I haven't kept up with my regular blogging duties.  Oh Well.  I'm here now and that's what counts.

In October, I took a required class called Higher States of Consciousness.  I ended up with an A- and completely happy!!!  It was a little tough for me to comprehend  subjective experience without having an experience myself.  So I was feeling a bit frustrated at one point.  Eventually, I just let go and completed my projects and test from the perspective of my Higher Self, my intuition.  It all worked out just fine.

In November, I was an intern in the student outreach program of the David Lynch Foundation. Our focus was to build a foundation to create film screenings for DLF.TV's newest documentary "Meditation Creativity Peace."  The target audience is primarily college & university students across the nation and world, but we hope that people will host viewings in their homes for family and friends, too.  If you are interested in seeing the film for yourself, please leave a comment or contact me.

I enjoyed the internship so much, that I've decided to continue for another block. I look forward to seeing the work that we've already completed come to fruition.  There is a screening scheduled in December at the University of Michigan that I should be attending with one of my intern partners.  I can't wait to be a part of something bigger, not to mention the road-trip to some place new.  Two of my favorite people are from that area, so it'll be fun to talk about it with them after I return.

The skies are so fantastic here!  I'm always amazed and the beauty of it from the Fairfield vantage point.  I'm trying to stay outside as much as possible, especially on sunny days.  It's cold - it's only snowed once.  People keep saying "it's not cold yet," I immediately ask them to keep their opinions to themselves  ;)

Amidst the cold are some warm days, too.  I'm actually really grateful for the frequent changes between rain, cold, wind, and sun, because it's helping me acclimate.  Once the sun sets, the temperature drastically falls, so it's time to snuggle!
I've learned to open my heart on a continual basis and have made such progress, yet I have more learning to do.  Knowing that I am always safe in the arms of the Universe, I work through my vulnerabilities and ask for help with expanding my creative side.  

I've gotten to know so many wonderful people over the last two months.  The more time I spend around them, the more I love them!!!  Time at The Farm, time walking around town, time hiking and bicycling with friends, time watching movies in the basement of 141...time is irrelevant here - the experience is counting so much more for me here.  One big lesson I've learned is how to "go with the Flow."  I no longer plan anything.  Before I got here I planned everything and was attached to my calendar.  NOT ANYMORE!  I feel such freedom!!!  

My life is full of love!  I am love.  What a wonderful world I live in.  I hope you are finding your truth, too!!!  It's a beautiful place to BE.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

We are all Seekers here

I do not stand out amongst the crowd.  I am the crowd. My Light shines - it shines cohesively with the everyone.   We all talk about our feelings and thoughts (even the guys) and discuss amongst ourselves without judgement.  People are authentic here...REAL...grounded in their Higher Self...yet exploring and growing towards "more."  It's really beautiful!  

To quote Louise L. Hay:

"I am unique, and so is everyone else. We are all one in Spirit. Yet, our faces and bodies are quite different and so are our personalities. We are unique and different expressions of the one Life. There has never been anyone like me before, and I rejoice in my uniqueness. I am neither too much nor too little, and I do not have to prove myself to anyone. I choose to cherish and love myself as the Divine, magnificent expression of Life that I am. Being me is an exhilarating adventure! I follow my inner star, and sparkle and shine in my own unique way. I love life, and I love me!"

Here is a video of one of the Welcome Week activities, the Ice Cream Social.  
Check it out! You might just see me...

I'm really loving Fairfield.  It has a quaint appeal that cannot be reputed.  It's a small town with a downtown square, a few banks, two tattoo shops, and four coffee shops.  Not to mention, there are some great thrift stores in town!!!  Lucky Day, Goodwill, and Bargain Box.

The Beauty Shop is a great place to get your groove on...so if you are a musician and you're touring, make a stop in Fairfield.  Please :)

Cafe Paradiso is another fantastic place for coffee and music.   A friend and I ventured out one Friday night to see the Rosie Burgess Trio.  We both really enjoyed their music and energy! 

My favorite Chai latte comes from Revelations Cafe, which is also a great place to meet up with everyone on a Saturday night for food, books, and conversation!  

There are more than 70 trains that pass through Fairfield every day/night.  It's good to embrace their sounds and attempt to ignore the fact that they are all pulling coal.  So here goes for honoring everything around me, including the fabulous sunset.  

Back to school...
My first block (class) is/was STC (the Science and Technology of Consciousness), as it is for all new undergraduate students.  It helps us understand what "Consciousness-based Education" is all about.  I've truly enjoyed it.  I see and read things from a whole new perspective!  I completed my final project earlier today.  My partner was my friend Maja and we put together a piece I like to call "Poetry in Motion - a woman's perspective."  It was the most fluid and fun project I've ever completed!!!  

Next block, starting October 3rd, I'm taking Higher States of Consciousness.  I believe it will be a good follow-up to STC and places me well on my way for the other Vedic Science classes.

Food here on campus is buffet-style.  The food service is very good for a college cafeteria, and I am really grateful to have prepared food available to me when I want it.  Occasionally, I yearn for something different (about once a week) and splurge somewhere off campus.

I have a work-study job at the Recreation Center.  I work 2-hour shifts, 3 days a week.  I normally work my preferred 5p-7p shift, as it coordinates best for my personal life.  I like having a job here.  I enjoy greeting everyone when they come in!   And it comes easy to me, as I worked at a similar place in my early twenties.  Plus, it provides me a tiny bit of spending money.  

Living in the ladies dorms is usually quite nice; even sharing bathrooms isn't  too bad.  The ladies are normally considerate of the "Quiet hours" which are from 9:15pm to 9:15am, so it's easy to enjoy some down time for study or socializing in my room.  

The general schedule goes something like this:
8:15a    group meditation 
9-10a    breakfast
10-12p  class
12-1p    lunch
1-3:15p      class
3:15-6:30p free time
6:30-8p      dinner
8p-9:15p    social events
9:30p         suggested bed time to enable enough rest for the next day

There is never a moment to be bored around here!  Almost every day and for sure, every weekend, there are events happening.  They are educational, inspirational, and enjoyable.

Our first cultural event of the year was the Ethiopian New Year.  Watch some of the highlights....we had so much fun!  I got my groove back on the dance floor  ;)

There is a wonderful age-range of students.  I consider myself the medium.   The younger students are so lucky to have their college education start here!  And I'm lucky to have the opportunity to complete mine here.  I have met some really beautiful people and look forward to getting to know them all better.  I am comfortable.  I am Home.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm on a new Journey and I'm liking it!

I arrived in Fairfield on Tuesday afternoon, earlier than planned, after driving through some beautiful country.  Those fantastically green rolling hills and brightest blue skies comforted my sacred heart.   

When I got into town, I stopped at 2nd Street Coffeehouse to have a London Fog - enjoyable place .  My Admissions Counselor called and had made arrangements for me for the night so I didn't have to spend any extra money on a motel room.  Thanks Sheer-el!!! 

I got all moved into my dorm and started the "orientation" process on Wednesday.  We had quite the busy schedule for the first few days...tiring, but I'm so glad they have this introduction and welcoming process because it helped to provide information that would not have otherwise been understood so quickly, while providing social opportunities as well.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the cafeteria during those first few days...it reminded us of HOGWARTS (except not so elaborate) since there are all these new student from all over the world joining together to get the same kind of education; lots of free-flowing energy and love; deep conversations and similar thought process.  It really is a beautiful place! Even a little magical  =)

There are a number of us from the February Visitor Weekend attending this Fall.  I think at least six of us - pretty cool to see familiar faces right from the start.  

February Visitors group (parents included)
To give you an idea of Hildenbrand Hall, where most of the female dorms are located...we have a phone room, an ironing room, TV room, a laundry room, study room, a regular-size refrigerator on each floor and a full kitchen in the basement.  Guys are not allowed in the halls or rooms, there is one lounge area they may spend time in while visiting one of the ladies.  There is a window A/C unit in each room,gas heating panels for the winter.  

If you are interested in a bit more about the student campus housing - go HERE 
Hildenbrand Hall

It became apparent that my room started inspiring others from the start when quite a few girls would stop by my open door, peek in, and go "ohhhhhhhh!  nice!!!"  I have moved so many times in my life that I have the ability to NEST pretty quickly.  It's my home, so I want it to feel like that all the time.  The first day, after I'd unloaded my stuff, the Hall Security woman totally pegged me as a work-a-holic.  Shucks!  Is it that obvious?  Well, yes.  I shall embrace that part of me....

Here are some pictures of my dorm room

kitchen & creative arts area

changing area

I landed a work-study job pretty quickly and feel lucky about that.  I started training on Tuesday evening and will work two-hour shifts, three days a week.  My job is at the REC Center here on campus, which resembles the Family Sports Center in  Kerrville where I worked for two years when I was 21 years old.  My current job entails customer service (front desk), as well as organization and janitorial duties.  I'm happy I'll be meeting some new faces there! 

Homework is something I'm still struggling a bit with.  We have it every evening.  It's something I haven't done in many years.  But I do my best and try to do it early enough in the day that I can have some down time without having to worry about "work to do."

TRAINS!  yes...there are 70 trains that pass through Fairfield every day and night.  Sometimes they wake me up at night, but most of the time I sleep right through them.  

  Saturday morning I went to the Farmer's Market in the park.  Lovely veggies, baked goods, arts/crafts, raw foods, juices, and free kittens!  The walk was nice and the people were friendly.  I hope to make it down there before class on Saturday mornings  :)

Wednesday (tonight), I'm going to audition for a community play.  I'm having a lot of fun re-capturing all the things I let go of when I got into Emergency Medicine. 

I must end with sharing this last piece...I continue to be simply AMAZED about the ways God has been preparing me for this part of my journey.  I'm not surprised (because that's the way It works), but have so much gratitude that I can now see & partly understand what's been taking place.  The possibilities of my future are endless!!!

“It is good to have an end to journey towards; 
but it is the journey that matters, not the end.”
                                              ― Ursula K. LeGuin

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not much longer!

It's 5AM Tuesday morning while I write....  My body is sore from the eleven-hour day on the road yesterday and there is an abundant amount of excitement coursing through my veins.  
I'll take you back to DAY 1 of my move:  I rolled out of Austin about 1:30pm, ended up stopping in Round Rock to see my good friend, Jean, then hit the road for Dallas about 3:30p.  The going was slow for a while since I was getting used to pulling the 4x8 Uhaul trailer, plus all the Sunday evening traffic.  Arrived in the "Big D" about 7pm, secured my car at Rafael's, then headed to Kalachandji's for a fabulous dinner!  
courtyard at Kalachandji's 
The couch-surfing and company was great  :)
One unfortunate event occurred when I doused my iPod with water;  it hasn't worked since, but I'm hoping it will decided it wants to after having a day or two to dry out!

DAY 2:  getting out of Dallas was a bit more stressful Monday around 11am.  Luckily, I'd rested for a good ten hours - so I was fresh!  I unexpectedly made a personal detour from my expected route and ended up going through Denton.  See...I attended University of North Texas in 1994/5; still very young and not particularly enthused about attending college, I didn't do well there. Still, it was cool to see how the town had and had not changed.  I actually stopped at a Uhaul place there to get some help with my chains b/c they'd come off a number of times btwn since Austin.  Twice, some very nice people on I-35 alerted me that they were dragging.  After they were re-secured in Denton, I've had no problems since :)

So I traveled up the eastern side of Oklahoma where there are more trees and bodies of water than I imagined.  Sad though, it looks like Fall b/c of the drought and all the brush fires along the highways.  Still 105 degrees, I haven't reached cooler temps yet!  But the beautiful clear blue skies keep me inspired while I listened to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance on my Kindle (good thing my audiobooks are loaded on it since my iPod is out of commission).
As I made it to the Oklahoma/Missouri border, the sun began to set and the towns got smaller so I decided to start looking for a Motel 6 since I hadn't secured a couch for the night, nor were there anything but RV parks to camp in.  Apparently, this is Harry S. Truman area around here...I passed his birthplace in Lamar (Barton county), a coincidental reminder of Austin.  
Well, I never found a Motel 6 and I got past Kansas City in the dark - I was ready to stop for the night after 11 hours in the car!  The cheapest place in Liberty, MO was a Super 8 and that's where I sit now...

Looking forward to the day, but going back to bed for another nap first.  The note I posted in my car reminds me that The BEST is yet to Be 

Joplin, Missouri
P.S. Travel Tip: stop at the Visitor Center - Rest Stop at state borders for free maps!  

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Peace Out! Austin

I'm headed out with a happy heart and a u-haul trailer loaded, ready to go!  Today, I'll leave Austin about 2pm, will stop in Dallas, have dinner and spend the night at a friend's place.  Then, I'm planning on Missouri (poss. Kansas City area) for some rest Monday night.  Tuesday, I'll be as close to Fairfield as possible so I can get up Wednesday morning to start meeting people, moving in my dorm room and registering for classes.  YaY!!!  Very excited to start my journey at Maharishi University in Fairfield, IA.

The past two months have certainly been instrumental in my personal growth.  I took part in 5 re-birthing sessions, moved, left my job of almost 12 years, spent time with many friends, and made it to all my favorite places around Austin.  
I even opened to a guy I've known for a few years - it didn't amount to anything, though my ego got a bit trampled on.
Important thing is that I stayed whole.  
Guys: women aren't the only ones who send mixed signals!  
I must say, that was all quite confusing.  Luckily, I no longer deal with a damaged sense of self.  I'm just glad we're able to continue our friendship.
So in the words of Paulo Coelho:
Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused

Speaking of friends again...I LOVE my Friends!  I have so many wonderful people in my life who are loving, kind, and supportive.  We've had a hard time with the "good-bye" - remember, I'm not severing any relationships, running or going away forever!
 I'm just going back to school :)  

It's been such a blessing to have an opportunity to visit with my "distant relatives" and many of my dearest friends - my world has literally exploded with the purest of Love.

*hugs & gratitude*
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Friday, July 29, 2011

soaking up my hometown

I've been...
eating at my favorite places 



swimming @ Barton Springs

decorating jeans

reconstructing t-shirts


getting new ink

cooling off @ Krause Springs




...all around Austin

Thursday, July 7, 2011

GREAT Gratitude

I never imagined my life could be so good.  Every day I have gratitude for the progress I've made and continue to make on this journey.  I am grateful for all that has happened before me, as it is what has gotten me to THIS place, this very moment, which is astoundingly beautiful.  I weep at it's beauty...

Some things I've learned on this journey:
Take time in Nature

Honor the warning signs
There is no luck without Discipline

Take the Steps!

Follow the Path - you know the way

"Love yourself first and everything falls into line." 
~ Lucille Ball

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I've been crafty again...

Making my own homemade soap has been on my "dream tree" for a couple years now.  I finally got to a workshop and learned how.  I made a half-batch of Cedar, Sage, Patchouli with a dash of poppy seeds for exfoliation.  Once it solidified the next morning, I cut it into 6 blocks.  It smells super yummy and I'll be using some very soon!

Recently, my friend Paula gave me some flannel material with butterflies on it.  I decided that I needed another pillowcase for my king-size pillow and this was the perfect material to use (seeing that I'll be in Iowa soon).  So I whipped out the sewing machine...
It turned out nice and cozy  :o)

For years I've been donating all my paper maps from trips I've been on....  Well, last year I came across these instructions to make map baskets - giving me the ability to Upcycle into something more useful.  I took my little project to work one day and while I was waiting for the next Emergency, I pieced it together.  My friend, Wendy helped me because it ended up being easier having four hands  :)

A year ago made some pajama pants at The Stitch Lab, and...well I'm still on the PJ PANTS Class page - Check it out.  super kewl!  I love those pj's....

The other day I was visiting with my friend, Lily, and did some beading.  I made two necklaces...here is one of them.

It's amethyst and moonstone.  Amethyst promotes peacefulness, happiness, and contentment.  Moonstone is said to be for "new beginnings" and promotes inner growth and strength, while enhancing intuition.  I'm liking the combo.  It feels good  :)

And then there is POETRY!
I enjoy poetry in all forms.  When I was in high school, I thought Emily Dickinson was really cool.  These days, I read quite a bit of Rumi which I find inspiring for many aspects of my Life.  The past few days, remnants of phrases come to my mind.  I continued to write them down and piece them together in various ways....I just finished it and would like to share it with you, so this comes from my poet within:

From Time to time,
thoughts of you
Whisper through my mind.

Like gentle summer breezes
cool the air,
You warm my heart.

Like a hummingbird
creates a song,
You sing to my Spirit.

Like lightening beckons 
the echos of my mind, 
You electrify my soul.

I've been sucked into your sweetness.