"I am a woman in process. I'm just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience,and learn from it.
Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project 333 - Inspiring Change

Okay...i'm committed to this for the next 3 months!  Starting tomorrow, October 1st, I will only wear the 33 items of outwear that I chose for myself through the end of December.  Thank goodness that underwear, workout wear, and sleepwear aren't included...it was hard enough to reduce my wardrobe to these thirty-three things.  I mean, I'm a Texas girl and it's starting to drop under 70 degrees at night - will I freeze to death?  I guess if it gets too cold, you may see me in ALL 33 items at the same time.  And another thing: coordinating, blending, accessorizing...tough!!!  So forgive me if I can't pull off a matching outfit from time to time...I tried  :)

I found this "project" on the Green LA Girl blog.  I did indeed miss the Six Items or Less challenge a few months ago, but I am excited to see if I can pull this one off.

So here goes...(drum roll please)...my 33 items


  1. boots
  2. jacket
  3. fleece pullover
  4. LS uniform shirt
  5. SS uniform shirt
  6. SS uniform shirt
  7. uniform pants 
  8. uniform pants
  9. Med Team t-shirt
  10. navy do-rag (for bad hair days)

WINTER WEAR & Accessories
  1.  coat
  2. boots
  3. hat
  4. scarf
  5. gloves
  6. my favorite hood
  7. sunglasses
  8. purse

  1. SS t-shirt
  2. SS blouse
  3. LS t-shirt
  4. LS shirt
  5. cardigan
  6. zip-front sweater
  7. pullover sweater

  1. overalls / dress
  2. wrap skirt
  3. skirt
  4. striped jeans
  5. jeans
  6. multi-colored slip-ons, which may get exchanged for one of those Limited Edition AUSTIN pair of TOMS - if I can get my hands on them
  7. (not pictured) green hiking boots
  8. (not pictured) yoga sandals 

Yep - that's THIRTY-THREE!  all right there.
...but wait!  there's more...  
Here's what most of it looks like  back in my closet 

my sweaters
And because of the camera perspective, that group of clothing is smaller than it appears!  But I am still committed...I'm still going to go through with it...I'm still................. going to ask you to encourage me.

What is even better, I'm going to a clothing swap on October 5th - Project 333 has allowed me to clean out my closet even more.  No telling who'll get my give-aways, but I hope they enjoy them as much as I have!  Noooooooooooo, I am not getting rid of ALL my other clothes, shoes, purses, hats, etc.  But I am becoming a simpler person in many ways.  Grateful for what I have.  No real need for more.

I say, if you are interested in challenging yourself,  just JUMP RIGHT IN!  
Check out more info at Be More with Less


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BE Yourself...don't DO so much

I have had a number of enlightening experiences in the last few months which has enabled me to do some much needed soul searching.  I am lucky to have a number of close friends that are going through much of the same life-altering 'stuff' and feel blessed that I am able to discuss my deepest feelings, share what I have learned so far, and receive their suggestions, too.   This goes well with the article I read a few days ago, The Pattern of Fullfillment: Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Give Yourself Away.

I'd like to quote one of my favorite parts.  "Although a lifelong process, knowing one's self along the way requires only curiosity and determination.  It is not the persons who are set somehow by a framework or universal pattern outside of their selves that live the most authentic lives.  Each of us finds our self in many relationships - with the Universe, God, Nature, one another, even with the various selves we are through the course of a day.  It is the variability of these relationships that provides the many vectors we can use to identify whom we are.  It is not one particular reference point that is definitive.  Deepening one's awareness of the many versions of self and integrating those facets into a cohesive sense of self leads to the fullness and richness of... being fully alive....What better evidence of our knowing our self that being a self that is fully alive!"

I LOVE feeling Fully ALIVE!    I LOVE myself!     I LOVE my Life!     I LOVE YOU!

In the article, the author, Steve Lawler, suggests that we ask ourselves these three questions

  1. Who am I to me?
  2. Who am I to you?
  3. Who am I to us?
"Ask the questions again and again until your answers describe your being-ness, not your doing-ness."

Ahhhhh, Syncronicity!!  I was recently told by a trusted friend, whom I consider a "mom" - "Practice BEING...not DOING."  Tough for me!  Goes against all that I have ever known.  But what I do know is that when I am able to just BE - I feel the best I have felt in my life and want more.  So, I'll continue to ask these questions of myself in all of my relationships.  Thank YOU for being a part of my life.

On another note, as Halloween approaches once again, it's time to decide on my costume ;)  
Normally, I decide by November 1st of the prior year - this year is no different.  I shall be Grace's Avatar from the AVATAR movie.  After all, she is my doppelganger (a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart)!       I mean...seriously...it was like watching myself on the big screen.  A number of my friends told me this, as well - without knowing my personal thoughts, etc.  Weird!!!
SO...I'm gonna paint myself up and put some beads in my dreads.  It'll be fun :-D

And as I am contemplating the whole Avatar thing...I found a beautiful article describing what one is in a spiritual realm.  Find Your Avatar says that "the role of an avatar is to show us our own inner beauty."  And I like that definition best!

If you read any part of the article, I encourage you to check out "Why we need avatars," although I found the entire article good.  But don't forget to scroll down to the Ten Pitfalls to Avoid on the Path.  I'm taking her advice for things to watch and be aware of!

Well...that's enough from me for now.  May your Journey be full of Light and Love!