"I am a woman in process. I'm just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience,and learn from it.
Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Thursday, April 28, 2011

We've got some catching up to do!

My dreadies had their anniversary last week, on Earth Day.  Check out my 2010 blog entry (scroll to the bottom of the page).  For one, it was great to be able to celebrate a fulfilled commitment to myself.  Second, my dreads have reached 'maturity' as Liz, from Dreadlock Studio, says.  My dreadlocks are now truly a part of me.  I know how to take care of them, and they do some of that for me   :o)  Now, another waiting game begins as I yearn to have them to the middle of my back.  Whew!  Who knows how long that will take.  Maybe that will be my graduation gift to myself - COOL!

This year on Earth Day, I was honored to be listed on another blog called As The Crackerhead Crumbles - check it out!    =) 

Here I am.  Less than four months away from the biggest move in my life...and let me tell you - I've moved many times!!!  I've sold or bartered off all my "big" stuff on Craig's List to get ready for my move into a dorm room.  Now it's just selling, giving away, or donating the rest.

The best part of my experience so far is that I am taking things SLOWLY for once in my life.  This transition has been happening for at least 9 months now.  Now, if I can just move into romantic relationship that way...hummmm; I should probably just concentrate on my studies, huh?

You know, sometimes I get carried away with "educating" myself on yoga and other spiritual practices in the virtual world.  Check out this comic that puts things more into perspective:  ONLINE SPIRITUALITY

So instead of sitting around, I'm taking a few classes to enrich my mind and Spirit.
I'm having SO much fun  :)
These last 5 Wednesdays have been such a blast!  I'm going to sign up for the summer session, too.  I LOVE drumming - it feels so right...
I've only had one lesson, so far.  Using your voice in a room with one (or many) can be intimidating!  But Emily is really cool & I feel comfortable with her :)
These are 3-hour classes and has been more of a refresher for the classes I took in High School. It's easy for me to pronounce Spanish words - but understanding them and writing sentences is a whole different story.  I have two more classes to go, so I hope my confidence in the language improves. 
    Yes!  Things are on the up and up!  My finances are becoming more comfortable with the idea of not having a steady income soon.  Soon - I may be a "poor" student again, but I will have everything I need!  Credit card free is the way to be - seriously...it's working out great for me.  I actually have a little money in my savings account instead of living payday to payday.  Weird how that works.  Of course, the money in my savings will be going to the one remaining loan I still have to pay off.  And when that happens, it'll mean I will officially be debt free.  Oh, except for those student loans - right!?!  Well, I'm not worried about those right now - at least I'll have something to show for those: Happiness, doing what I want to do, and most importantly, being who I desire to be  :)

    Almost forgot to tell you......
    One Day Without Shoes - 05:45am
    standing for what I believe in - 8:05 p
    TOMS One Day Without Shoes was April 5th....I got cold feet.  No, I didn't chicken out or bail - literally, my feet were freezing that morning!  well, "freezing" for Texas, that is.  So I started out the door to work with cold, clean feet.  I walked across a couple parking lots, on the sidewalk, into the building - then the stares began.  Funny, no one really asked me WHY I was barefoot.  About 8 or 9am, I think a coworker finally inquired.  I walked around, to the kitchen, to the bathroom twice, then the inevitable happened. At 0955, my Commander asked me politely to put my boots on.  Hey!  I lasted 3 hours in an uptight "professional" environment, so I'm calling that success :)  Plus, he asked nicely, which made it much easier to swallow.  The moment I was out the door, my boots were back off and I was walking with my barefoot coworkers to the parking lot!  SWEET. 

    a little dirty when I got home
    gotta wash 'em before bed

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    Earth Day essentials

     So... I just sent off my ancient laptop for recycling.  The screen got broken a few years ago & I had it hooked up to a television in order to use it.  I replaced it last year (finally), but had hung on to it b/c I was too lazy to pull off all the pictures and stuff I had on it.  Well, I finished that up today!  Whew - that was a blast to the past.  Some good, some pretty bad.  Quite the emotional rollercoaster.   Once I got off that ride, I emptied the Trash (figuratively and physically), shut her down - printed the free/prepaid shipping label, then packed it up to go bye-bye. Yipee!  

     Find out more about RECYCLING your computers, music players, and cell phones HERE.
    Do it for the Earth - do it for yourself.

    Anyway... it got me thinking about what else I can help make the world a better place.  So I scooted around on the internet to some of my favorite places.  Here are some wonderful things that I found to help us celebrate EARTH DAY tomorrow, April 22, 2011.  Being GREEN isn't just for hippies anymore...I swear!  Check out this article by The Sierra Club and take the high road.  Get educated on what Being Green means. Let your actions equal your good intentions.  You can!

    ummmm...coffee - you'll need this in the morning!

    Wanna upcycle some of that junk lying around the house?  Check out Earth Day crafts for some fabulous ideas on making stuff with youngsters or on your own!

    If you are in Austin, support Give5 by shopping and eating at various establishments listed on their site.  They'll give 5% of their sales to a variety of great earth-friendly causes! And while you are at it - see what Whole Earth Provision Co. is doing to celebrate our lovely lands.
    Let's ReGreen the World!  

    Meet some new people, enjoy the great outdoors and Picnic for the Planet.

    Read more about how Small ways make a BIG difference.

    Some other great reminders for Earth Day:
    - Pick up a stray piece of trash, or several of them - place them in the nearest recycle bin!  Get your neighborhood together and beautify your area.
    Go for a walk, admire a flower, tree, or rock, and appreciate the nature you see.
    - Shop and sell your unused stuff on Craig's List
    - Cook a special Earth Day meal that uses organic, local ingredients.  Better yet, make it vegetarian, vegan, or raw-vegan!
    - Ride your bike, carpool
    or take public transit to work; cut that very large fuel bill you've had lately in half!  And riding a bike is good for your health, too    :o)

    - Use one less paper towel every time you dry your hands. Or simply use washable towels.  And try using just a little less toilet paper...
    - Invest in a re-usable BPA-free glass water bottle. *I know it's not glass, but I just got a Camelback Groove with a built-in filter and take it everywhere I go for those just-in-case times.  I really like it!

    - Wear clothing more than once, if possible, before putting them on the floor or in the hamper for washing.
    - Open the window, feel the breeze, hear the birds sing - turn off the A/C (for as long as possible).
     - Turn out lights that are not in use and replace old lightbulbs with energy-efficient ones. Pledge HERE
    - Buy local organic items, purchase things you need/want at Resale businesses and get refurbished items instead of new ones (they are just as good, but don't cost as much...pocketbook or environment) 
    - Turn off running water (shower and sink) when not actively using it.
    - Water your yard during late evening hours or at night, especially in Texas!
    - Plan a clothing-swap with all your friends.  It's a lot of fun!! 
    - Look into how to start a recycling program at your home or office, or make sure it's being done efficiently.
    - Spend less on mass-marketed items, take a class that will enrich your life and mind instead!
    - Most importantly...Practice Kindness and Compassion for others. Love more.  Oh!  and give more hugs!!!  We all need them  =)

    How will you celebrate Earth Day? 
    Let me know in the comments. 
    *hugs, Love, and earth-consciousness*

    Wednesday, April 13, 2011


    Most of you know that I enjoy inspirational quotes.  They give me something I need to hear each day.  I get these quotes from various sources; books, blogs, magazines, movies, friends, etc.  I usually post the one that resonates with me on Facebook or Twitter.  It's fun to pass on the Love and to know that I'm not alone with the way I'm feeling...

    starting canvas
    Anyway, I got these great plain white curtains from IKEA about 3 years ago.  After about a year, I came across my wide variety of colored permanent markers and began writing things which were helping me get through some tough emotional baggage.  I've continued to do so, and they've evolved as much as I have  :)  

    Last week I had a creative streak and decided to pull them down and write the Qualities of Peace on them - to inspire me to move more towards the innocence I had when I came into this world.  They've been sitting on my meditation for months and remind me of who I want to be.  Plus, I had some special quotes I wanted to add, too.  

    I worked a few hours on them, off and on, between house duties and running a couple errands.  I really enjoyed that day!  

    Here is how they turned out hanging back up again, when I felt done

    the Qualities of Peace are:
    Solid Foundation
    I Am
    Clear Intention
    Freedom of Spirit
    Freedom of Choice