"I am a woman in process. I'm just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience,and learn from it.
Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Friday, January 29, 2010

Courage & Ease

OKAY!  so...I just posted my first item - ever!  As much as I dislike having to say it, my item is not on etsy.   I mean, you gotta start somewhere - right?  And believe me, I am ecstatic that I finally have!!!
...just a sprinkle of courage and a dash of ease goes a very long way when I am moving forward and putting my stuff out there.

I got this pic today of my friend Nicole and I taking a jewelry class taught by Jennifer Perkins of the Naughty Secretary Club.  The class was back in December at The Stitch Lab and was a whole lotta fun!

Nicole, me (Keli), and our classmate

I can't wait to take more classes & get more items posted!

OH!  I almost forgot...it feels like it has been so long.  My trip to Santa Fe and Taos was wonderful!!!

In Taos, we got to stay at an eclectic & historical Bn'B Mable Dodge Luhan House.  Went to bed at night under the stars and woke up to the beautiful sunrise in the Solarium room - ugh!  I could totally do that every day (if I didn't have to work nights).  This place was so inspirational..."After all, Georgia O’Keeffe stayed here. So did D.H. Lawrence, Ansel Adams, Martha Graham and Carl Jung, among many other notables."

And speaking of Georgia O’Keeffe - I've been wanting to go to her museum in Santa Fe for years.  So, we took the time to stop by and...it was closed for renovations.  Boo-Hoo!!!  Oh Well, such is Life.  Maybe next time.

For my birthday, I got to visit Ten Thousand Waves for a much-needed massage, hot bath, and meditation. Next time I go, I'd love to try more of their services and stay overnight in the Silver Moon ;-)

Well...that about sums up the recent experience on my creative journey.  TTFN!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Travel time...excellent!

Here I am, working my "day" job and planning what I am going to take with me to Santa Fe and Taos this weekend.  I really enjoying being out of town for my birthday...I've done this for years. I find that it's a way for me to refresh for the year ahead and reward myself for the past year.  What a treat!

Of course my upcoming move is on my mind quite a bit these days since i'll have my own craft/work space. I am so excited about it, I can barely sit still  :-)  I've been reading other blogs and seen many of us are cleaning up and organizing our craft spaces.  Can't hurt to get a few tips, right?  (if i ever figure out how to link my favorite blogs on here, i will)

I'm still SO very new to this technological networking thing, i get a little overwhelmed with all of the darn accounts i should have and must keep up with in order to "be found" - on the flip side, i am very grateful that it's available because there is an abundant amount of wonderful people, places, and creativity out there...it's great to be able to share.

Well, back to New Mexico...it feels much like home (Austin) out there for me, minus the humidity.  And i always feel at peace when i am traveling through. it's been a while since i've been out of state, so I am really looking forward to this trip!  The place we are staying in Taos is fantastic.  And it's going to be cold - I think I'll make some snow angels if the opportunity presents itself!!

Ta-Ta for now...and stay classy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Embracing Limitless Opportunities

As i slide on into the new year, i find myself affirming - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. And although i am still eating all the sweets leftover from the holidaze and although i continue to put off that yoga class i soooo want to get to...i am happy!  I am grateful for all that Life has to offer me and that allows me to be less fearful of the future.  I can't deny still having fears about putting my arts & crafts out there for others to see and possibly purchase, but i am certainly moving closer to the jumping off point.

I started a daily gratitude list on my iPhone that helps me to be mindful of all the Good i have in my life at any given moment. it's been really interesting to see how my personal rating of the day can initially be a 1 or 2, but after i write my list of things i'm grateful for - it usually goes up to a 3 or 4 (out of 5).

As further change develops in my life...i struggle with 'letting go' of what i don't have the answer to with the realization that the unknown will be better without my attempt to control it.  Whew!  how do i not take responsibility others reactions?  i hope by continuing to do the next right thing, i will feel as if i need to do this less and less.

i continue to take classes to broaden my crafty horizon.  i enjoy learning new ways to bring my creativity to the surface...not to mention i have SO much fun and feel fantastic!   ;-)

I just made this bag on Saturday!  Learning how to sew again at the Stitch Lab...very kewl!!!!

And back in December, I made this hand-sewn ornament.  FUN!  

until we meet again, chow fo' now ladies & gents