"I am a woman in process. I'm just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience,and learn from it.
Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

messy, messy!...and more

Last weekend I went to the Crafty Business Seminar at the Stitch Lab, taught by the lovely Jennifer Perkins of the Naughty Secretary Club.  It was a blast and I learned SO much!!! 

After I left class, I met my friend out at the Sherwood Forest Faire and we cruised around all sunny-afternoon.  It's beautiful and there are a ton of fun vendors & artisans.  Lots to look at & fun shows to watch.
We took a couple of silly pics, like this one.

So, I've been working very hard in my new craft room for the past week or more. 
It still has a long way to go, but at least I feel like I can work on something!
I took some photos to share with you.

As you can see, I have unpacked a whole bunch of stuff...making space more crowded and super messy! 
Ugh!  I'm not sure I like posting this picture.
I have a lot to do.

And here, same concept...more tools, more mess.  But isn't that the way of us crafty / artistic types  ;-)

I did add my iPod station - which is crucial for my relaxation & inspiration. 
Not to mention that I really like to dance while no one is watching!!!

Last pic, but certainly not the least...
my actual work space!
It's coming together & for once I have my most commonly used tools at an arms-length.

It's Complete with one of my favorite Vision Boards

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm such a Hippie at Heart...

So I was in Half-Price books last week with my family, who were visiting from out of town, when something sparked my curiosity!  I pulled it off the shelf and to my amazement - it was just what I was searching for  :-)
Yes - here it is!  A comprehensive and fun book that gives over 35 step-by-step instructions for crafting hippie-style.  Funny thing is, I've done quite a few of these at some point in my life.

For example...the "God's Eye"
I made mine years ago, quite possibly in high school (but I just can't muster the nerve to say how many years that has been).  I've moved a million times, but always seem to carry it with me & find a place for it to hang.  I need all the 'protection' I can get   =)

Another example...Latch Hook
I finished this up last October after buying it from the Salvation Army Family store for less than $3.00 - great for passing the time at my day job and turned out really cute.  Now I just have to pick up some rug binding from the local hobby store and finish making it into a pillow.

Also, there are the Roadhouse Blues Bell-Bottoms - I'm SO happy I found this book so I can finish up what I started over a month ago with a pair of jeans.  MY jeans seem to have pretty much come straight from this book.  ...ahhh ~  Seredipity!!

There a bunch of other great projects in this book that I have done before...tye-dye, jewelry, a leather purse, dreamcatchers and candles, etc.  Of course there are ton of stuff I haven't done,  but look forward to learning the how-to's for.

If you still have doubts about my hippiness, check this out!
I was just scrolling through the "contents" and noticed that the vintage patch I got back in December was on the page. HA! I just sewed it on my new-to-me backpack a few days ago. How cool is that?!?!

Well, that about sums it up for my fantastic find.  But you'll want to stay tuned - May is just around the corner and you'll want to follow me on my own Hippie Trip from Georgia to Woodstock.  One full month of tree-hugging sweetness ~ Yipee!!!

p.s. OH!  i almost forgot, I am taking part in the TOM's
 on Thursday, April 8th

go to www.toms.com to find out more

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello - Hello - Hello

I've been in my new place for almost two weeks now, although it seems much longer because I've been SO busy!  The place is looking a lot more like HOME.
Birthdays, family visits, Spring Break, unpacking, day jobs...the list goes on, as it does for all of us.
I finally got into the room that will soon be dedicated to crafting & creating new things.  Here is what it looks like after (another) trip to IKEA and a few hours of effort.  Mind you, I wanted to document some 'before' pics so I could show the finished product and be proud of all my hard organizational work  ;-}
here is my "sewing area" - it looks really scary right now!  The wooden rack was made by my late grandfather, originally for coffee cups, soon to be transitioned into a ribbon rack.  THANKS Dada!!
the machine itself is on Hollywood loan from my very good friend, Kim, whom I love like a sister
...and the box on the right is all my jewelry & beading stuff that I need to find a place for.

Ahhhhh...the rest of the room.  I gotta start somewhere - right?
Almost everything you see here is from IKEA. 
My desk top was sitting next to my apartment dumpster a few months ago.  It had no legs at the time - but I saw true potential - so I bought it some new ones &   It's perfect! 
The cube-system is Expedit with optional drawers and doors.  I've had this for a couple of years & just love it; it's so..........versatile. 
What you can't see much of is my work table (it's in the bottom right of the pic).  I'm still torn with the fact that it's not facing my windows.  The view is my absolute FAVORITE part of my room!  It's so nice and peaceful to see the trees outside.   But, as you can tell, I currently have the room set up differently.  Must be how it's supposed to be.  Maybe a good reminder to get off the computer, be aware of the beauty of nature...and GET OVER TO YOUR CRAFT TABLE and CREATE!
My mantra these days is "take action"
And this blog says just what I've been thinking

In Austin Women Magazine this month, my horoscope says "Every good thing this month concerns making money, what you do for a living, growing your business...focus on money and work this month, and don't stress about anything else.  You're on the top of the work wave.  Everything else just needs to wait."
RIGHT ON!  that is exactly how I am feeling.  Have I mentioned that I was taking the Crafty Business Seminar with Jennifer Perkins at the Stitch Lab next weekend...I've got my notebook ready to scribble down all the good tid-bits she is going to share!!! Yes, of course my notebook will be fabulously decorated by the time I arrive for class - duh    ;-)

The stars are aligned and I am in the Flow.  I'll show you around more as I get more achieved.  Hope you enjoyed your first visit & if you have any questions or suggestions - please do not hesitate to comment.

Until next time...*BIG HUGS*