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Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time flies when you're having Fun!

My second week in Oregon is already here and I'm getting sad about leaving.  I have enjoyed every moment that I've spent here so far, I just can't get enough!  All of the animals I've encountered, all of the trees, the mountains, the cool air, the beauty everywhere...

The last few days, I've been to the Newberry Volcanic Monument area (for me, this included Lava Land, Lava Butte, the Lava Cast Forest), Benham Falls, Diamond Lake, Crater Lake, the High Desert Museum, La Pine State Park...

Wanderlust Tours took 4 of us into Skeleton Cave.  Great guide!  He was kind and considerate...had some great stories, too ;)

It's so dry up here at this elevation that I ran out of lotion quick, so  I picked some up at Whole Foods. Wild Carrot Herbals is locally made, smelly-good stuff.  I love it so much, I might have to order some via the internet when I run out!

I arrived in Bend on Thursday afternoon.  It's a wonderful little town, full of life with Spring flowers!  I enjoy the fact that I can walk nearly anywhere I want to go.  And they have a fantastic Library, too.

Thursday evening after taking a walk around town, I stopped into McMenamins Old St. Francis School - I listened to Alice DiMicele's singer-songwriter deliver her earthy rhythmic grooves, then cruised down the hallway to watch "Your Highness" in the theatre.  There, they had couches to sit on and food/drink to order.  Cool place  :)  and good sweet potato fries!

On Friday night, Megan and I went to the Parrilla Grill to check out another local band called Dela Project.  They were a lot of fun!  These two guys played a number of different instruments, from the cello to saw.

I've been Couchsurfing with my new friend Megan in Bend, OR for the past two nights.  What a great way to learn a little about a new town and a new person!  My first host has been superb...I hope she hasn't spoiled me, but I'm happy if she has.  Love Her!

Well...I'm headed out to meet up with Sun Country Tours.  I'm going on "the McKenzie" today.  My first time on whitewater.  Yay!  I'll let you know how it goes...

I've got to wrap it up for now, but we'll talk again soon.  I'm headed into the woods for my final few days & will be out of wi-fi range (which I am happy about).  So we'll catch up when I make it home to Austin.

TTFN!  Lots of LOVE

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