"I am a woman in process. I'm just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience,and learn from it.
Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Monday, March 21, 2011

With My Own Two Hands (or feet)

I used to think that I had no power to create significant changes.  Years of feeling like no one was listening to what I had to say...when in reality, I was planting little seeds around.  I have seen a number of my ideas come to fruition and whether I received recognition, or not, is no longer important to me.  Change begins within.  It is how I approach situations.  It is how I react or don't react.  It is me keeping focus on my own personal actions and making choices that keep me in integrity.  
I want to make the world a better place!  I mean, we all live here...right?

Last year, I participated in the One Day Without Shoes event to support TOMS One-For-One mission.  It was good to experience what it was like to walk on hot pavement or rocky ground without 
any shoes on my feet. It certainly made me more empathetic and created quite a bit of gratitude for having shoes available to me anytime I wanted them.  This year, I'm doing it again.  The difference is I'll be working on April 5th this year, so I will certainly have a different experience.  Going into a public bathroom barefoot isn't something I ever dreamed of doing - but I feel like I can sacrifice for one day.  Even if I don't see the change, it will make a change in me, and that's worth it!

Find out more and participate in the world-wide event!   

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