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Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not much longer!

It's 5AM Tuesday morning while I write....  My body is sore from the eleven-hour day on the road yesterday and there is an abundant amount of excitement coursing through my veins.  
I'll take you back to DAY 1 of my move:  I rolled out of Austin about 1:30pm, ended up stopping in Round Rock to see my good friend, Jean, then hit the road for Dallas about 3:30p.  The going was slow for a while since I was getting used to pulling the 4x8 Uhaul trailer, plus all the Sunday evening traffic.  Arrived in the "Big D" about 7pm, secured my car at Rafael's, then headed to Kalachandji's for a fabulous dinner!  
courtyard at Kalachandji's 
The couch-surfing and company was great  :)
One unfortunate event occurred when I doused my iPod with water;  it hasn't worked since, but I'm hoping it will decided it wants to after having a day or two to dry out!

DAY 2:  getting out of Dallas was a bit more stressful Monday around 11am.  Luckily, I'd rested for a good ten hours - so I was fresh!  I unexpectedly made a personal detour from my expected route and ended up going through Denton.  See...I attended University of North Texas in 1994/5; still very young and not particularly enthused about attending college, I didn't do well there. Still, it was cool to see how the town had and had not changed.  I actually stopped at a Uhaul place there to get some help with my chains b/c they'd come off a number of times btwn since Austin.  Twice, some very nice people on I-35 alerted me that they were dragging.  After they were re-secured in Denton, I've had no problems since :)

So I traveled up the eastern side of Oklahoma where there are more trees and bodies of water than I imagined.  Sad though, it looks like Fall b/c of the drought and all the brush fires along the highways.  Still 105 degrees, I haven't reached cooler temps yet!  But the beautiful clear blue skies keep me inspired while I listened to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance on my Kindle (good thing my audiobooks are loaded on it since my iPod is out of commission).
As I made it to the Oklahoma/Missouri border, the sun began to set and the towns got smaller so I decided to start looking for a Motel 6 since I hadn't secured a couch for the night, nor were there anything but RV parks to camp in.  Apparently, this is Harry S. Truman area around here...I passed his birthplace in Lamar (Barton county), a coincidental reminder of Austin.  
Well, I never found a Motel 6 and I got past Kansas City in the dark - I was ready to stop for the night after 11 hours in the car!  The cheapest place in Liberty, MO was a Super 8 and that's where I sit now...

Looking forward to the day, but going back to bed for another nap first.  The note I posted in my car reminds me that The BEST is yet to Be 

Joplin, Missouri
P.S. Travel Tip: stop at the Visitor Center - Rest Stop at state borders for free maps!  

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