"I am a woman in process. I'm just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience,and learn from it.
Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I've been Lazy...

Yep!  I admit it.  I needed a few days to rest & relax from my vacation.  Taking a near month-long vacation from the daily grind can really wear a girl out  ;-)
But, here I am, back in the saddle.  I can't say that I'm excited about it, yet there is something to be said about getting "home."  Ahhhhhhh!

So since I completely misjudged the amount of time I would have to blog during my excursion, I plan on recapturing it here.  I tell you, it's kind of a blur for me & I am really happy that I kept a fairly good travel journal.  I think it will do some good to reflect back on everything.  Here the plan:  THEMES.  The month of June I am dedicating to certain subjects that were evident for me on the road-trip.  If at any time there is something specific you'd like to hear about, please post a comment & I'll make every attempt to address it.  

For now, I wanted to provide some currency.  My first day back to work was June 1st (yesterday) and boy, did I feel discombobulated. *BTW -that's one of my all time favorite words*  Good thing I could perform my job duties, but WHEW!  I had a difficult time speaking in full sentences and capturing words to explain my personal thought process.  YES, some of you who know me are saying to yourself "she always does that" but really, I know when it's worse than normal  ;-?  I am attributing it to being 'In The Wild' for 24 days and not speaking much.  I'm thinking now that I kinda get those people who have a hard time interacting with others because they spend so much time by themselves...it really does leave a person speechless.

Next on the list:  Dreads.  We'll I am honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.  They say "give it time," as with other Life issues, and I am.  But man-OH-man...this is the first time in my life that I have EVER spent so much time on my hair.  Not even in the 1980's did I have to do so much with my hair or put so much in it.  Now, I use a special shampoo and THREE products to help my hair loc into dreads.  Mind you, I've had long straight hair for at least 17 years and the only thing I would do with it is braid it, ponytails, clips - very basic stuff for the most part.  But I'm working on learning this entirely new concept for living with a new hairdo.  I want the long-term effect and this is just one more aspect of my life that is teaching me Patience.

Speaking of Patience, here is another thing.  I am on the third day of The Master Cleanse.  I completed 10 days a little over a year ago and have a goal of 14 days this time around.  It seems to be "working" much better - maybe I wasn't mixing correctly last year or something.  But I am feeling more energetic as the days pass.  Here is another link that has the original booklet available in PDF: Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs

I must go out and watch the storm that's rolling in.

Take Care of Yourself & may Peace be yours!

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