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Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beautiful Barcelona!

It's been snowing in Austin and I'm here in Barcelona enjoying the clear, sunny, cool weather.  It's absolutely amazing here, in every way!

I made it back to land yesterday morning and really, it feels great to be off that ship! But I'm still getting my equilibrium back  :(

I took a tour of Montserrat as soon as I disembarked.  The drive up the mountain was incredible, but the view from the top - breathtaking!!!  

Pilgrim's shell icon
 I could have spent much longer in this place because of the great energy and peacefulness, not to mention that it has much to do with the book I'm reading, The Pilgrimage.  Interesting synchronicity, as I did not specifically plan it.

After my own pilgrimage from Catalunya Square, I checked in to the hostel and was assigned the same room as before.  YaY!  I got settled in, then ventured out again to find some good food.  I made my way thorough the Muslim section of the city and an area that is a bit more run-down than other areas I've passed, but no big deal - I enjoyed seeing the locals.  While making some effort, I trusted my intuition and found vegan restaurant, Juicy Jones.  I had heard of this place while pre-planning, but was now ecstatic to have found it!  Good, healthy food was what my body needed right now because I wasn't feeling very chipper, those last couple days on the ship was still having it's affect on me.  The food was fabulous and I even had a wheatgrass shot to boost my immune system. 

Despite the fact that I was still feeling under the weather (but much better than last night), I was off this morning about 9am to explore more of the city.   First, I encountered the History Museum of Catalunya.  It was well worth my four euro and two hours. 

Second, I headed to the beach to hear the waves and feel the sunshine...relax in the nature of Espana.  I enjoyed watching sand sculptures, children playing, wake and paddle boarders, couples kissing, and people sleeping in the sun. 

This is La Barceloneta!

Next, following my internal compass, intuition, and the narrow streets or alleys of the Gothic quarter...

I found the Picasso museum - What a treat!  All the "periods" were represented and it was an honor to see his art in person. 

After completing my Picasso adventure, I was hungry...My tummy found it's way back to the Cat Bar for some more vegan yum-yum!  

Today,  I had a vegan burger, English potato chips, and salad.  I sat there on the couch for at least two hours reading my book, watching people pass outside, listening to some great tunes and eventually had cake and decaf coffee.  It's really a chill vibe there - a place I'd enjoy hanging around if I lived here.

This is James Kakande.  I asked the waitress who's music she was playing and this was it.  I really enjoyed the entire album.

When it was time for me to move on, I wandered through more alleys where I happened to find a couple of rock shops.  

 Here, at Don Mineral's I couldn't resist the great prices on a few stones I can't find at home: Variscita and Bauxita (found locally in Barcelona), Pink Tourmaline and Yellow Jasper.

 I had an absolutely wonderful day!  I followed my heart and it knew just what I wanted  :)

 Love - LOVE - Love to YoU!

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  1. How beautiful, Keli.
    I am enjoying your writing as well as seeing these things through your eyes.
    Glad we met you !