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Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mi último día en Barcelona

Before you begin thinking that I have aced the Spanish language, I am far from that!  My phrases have been simple ones and when I can't keep up with the conversation, they eventually ask "what language?" and we end up speaking English to each other.  Although, I've been honored to be thought of as Spanish or Italian - we all look the same, really.

This morning I was up and out by 9am.  It's a lazy Sunday morning and nothing was really open anyway.  Markets were just getting set up on La Rambla and in the various squares I encountered.  It was fantastic weather again; in fact, it was warmer than yesterday - I didn't even need a jacket!  I passed a Dali tribute gallery, but it didn't open until 10am...and the famous market,

La Boqueria is apparently closed on Sundays.  BOO HOO!

La Boqueria

The focus of my personal excursion today was Sagrada Familia.  I made it there by way of the Metro, which I must say, is pretty confusing. Because of the way the city is laid out there are numerous lines and a few zones to be aware of.  I even saw the policia dealing with an aggravated man in Catalunya Square.  Once I finally found the station I needed to be in to catch the L2 and bought my T10 ticket (good for 10 rides on the Metro or city bus), I was relieved. 

The Sagrada Familia was well worth my efforts.  It is astounding and I spent quite some time in there taking in the artistic beauty and light.  There was a service happening on the lower level, and the crowd on the main level was light and I was able to enjoy it.  The history of the structure is even amazing, and the work goes on.  This is one place I am glad I didn't miss!

Well...I tried to go back to the juice bar I had been to before, but it was closed.  So I grabbed a muffin and Vanilla Latte at the old standby, Starbucks, then headed across to sit in the newly-renovated park across from the church.  Just two weeks ago it was closed and now I had a chance to enjoy it's beauty and the sounds of a local band.

I sat on a bench for quite some time, just taking it all in and reading from my Kindle.  A Swedish family came and sat by me for a while; it's good to know that people feel comfortable around me in a strange city.  I had the pleasure of watching the joy of being a child, as there were small children everywhere, looking so precious and enjoying the gorgeous weather.


I headed back to La Rambla this afternoon to get a local tasty treat: churros y chocolate.  I'd heard good things about it, so I sat down at some outside tables and watched people go by, read my Kindle, and waited for someone to take my order.  On La Rambla, there is art in action all over the place!  Painters, actors, crafters...Oh my!

short show for tips  :)

When the waiter got to me, he told me they were out for the day.  Too bad! So I made my way through the neighborhood alleys to Juicy Jones for another great meal.  Only 8,50 Euro for three courses!

 I know I've mentioned this area before, but I have to mention it again - it's made up of low-cost housing and everyday people trying to make it day-by-day.  Well, some of those people are "escorts" and they start showing up every day around 3pm.  I've seen a few beautiful ladies (or transvestites) and then there are some very plain women.  I just have to smile at them when I walk by (hoping they'll smile too) and know that they are doing the best they can in the world they live in.  We are ALL doing the best we know how in the moment.
OH - And there is a lot of great art, too!

I'm signing off for the night (it's 9pm here) and preparing for my trip home tomorrow.  See y'all soon!  Lotsa LOVE!!!

See all my pictures HERE if you like  :)
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  1. love it. thank you for bring me along.

  2. WOW Keli, what a wonderful vacation! You should really think about writing a book, you are very good at giving the reader a FEEL of what you are experiencing. I'm looking forward t oyour return so that i can hear all of the stories oabout your vacation!