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Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pictures & Rainbows

I haven't been an early riser during this vacation because my stateroom is like a cave and it's impossible to tell what time it is (naturally) while I am in there.  Last night was pretty rocky.  The waves were Moderate (4.5-7.5 ft), the same category as before, but the wind changed direction and we were no longer traveling with it.  This created the cradle sensation of being rocked from one side to the other.  Despite that, after my massage session yesterday, I ended up falling asleep quite early...

So here I am, in the empty "Lifestyles Room." 

I was able to catch some of the sunrise and now I'm looking at a rainbow!  The rainbow turned into two and the first one felt so close that I actually felt like I was going to find that infamous pot of gold.  WoW!  That was incredible and truly put a smile on my face. 

We are about to reach Valletta and it seems like I should wear my raincoat today.  It'll be beautiful either way  =)

Anyway, since the reason you came here was to see pictures, I got some uploaded this morning of Athens and Izmir. 
Click HERE and Enjoy!

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