"I am a woman in process. I'm just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience,and learn from it.
Life is never dull." ~ Oprah

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Last weekend was full of GREATNESS!  Friday night - I went to the Texas STARS hockey game at the new Cedar Park Center.  I learned that it's the semi-pro team for the Dallas STARS and saw player get his jearsey ripped off durring a scuffle...but there wasn't any bloodletting at any point in the game, which was a bit disappointing.  I mean - that's what hockey is all about, right? 
What kept me most entertained was the reactions from the crowed & how they would feed off of the punches that were thrown.  This just confirms for me that whatever is surrounding us as beings here on earth, be it negativity, or other vibe - we just magnify it with our own thoughts and actions, usually unconsciously.

Saturday, I explored the Lonestar Roundup.  I've been a couple times before, but this year was bigger than ever!  So much to see.  Here is just a very small taste of what was in the show...

I just love the color of this classy ride. UMMM yummy.

this beauty is a 1963 camper van and I am sure you can see that this is right up my alley!!
...funny thing is, the cat that owns her is from Kerrville (my home town).  Syncronicity  ;-)

And here is a bit of agressive kinda-action, but there were ALL kinds of racers there. 

If you've never been to a vintage car show - I suggest you put it on your bucket list.

Here I am at a Charger show a few years ago in Boerne, TX

Next, I hopped on over to Mother's Cafe for a bite to eat.  It was my first time there & I loved every bit! What I didn't realize is that all dished they serve are vegetarian or vegan...those with me had a difficult time choosing their dish, but ended up liking most of it after all.  Whew!!!

To sum up the day, I chose to check out a park that was close to my new place...
They have canoe rentals and a walking/running path. Many picnic tables under some beautiful trees...a really nice place
this guy was working on his flying skills - today was a perfect day to do it (i think) b/c the winds were good and steady out here in the open field.

TTFN...but stay tuned for my favorite inspirational business-savy ladies blog & some things I've learned so far

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