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Monday, January 24, 2011

MONDAY on the ship

My wake up call came at 07:00, as scheduled.  I wanted to sleep longer, but yoga awaited me, so I struggled to make the move.  I was pleased that I did - my body felt better almost immediately!  The instructor was one of the gym guys with a Russian dialect.  The movement of the ship made for an all new kind of challenge  =)  It was a small class made up of four other American ladies, one was a first timer.  We all decided on the 5-class deal when it was time to hand our key-card over.  See, key-cards are like your onboard credit card - you pay up at the end, but you don’t have to carry around cash other forms of payment while on the ship...while it makes things easy, they know what they are doing to enable you to spend more! 

The Yin/Yang Spa’s private Thermal Suite is where my money has been BEST spent so far!  Like a gift from the Universe to help me practice the art of relaxing.  I spent a little while there between yoga and my acupuncture consultation (tongue and pulse reading).
Crystal, the sweet Chinese woman, told me that I’m overworked and have accumulated years of stress.  WoW!  she’s good.  She also told me that I make a good healer, the indications are rare to see.  Both of these indicate to me that my move away from emergency medical and into the healing arts are worthwhile.  She also knew, almost instantly from her pulse check, that I hadn’t eaten breakfast...so when I left there, I headed to fill my belly at the Garden Cafe (far from a garden, more like a buffet).  There, I met a very nice couple who kindly allowed me to sit at their table.  We chatted about some of our travels and exchanged tips for various places.  They strongly suggested I go to New Zealand because it was “backpacker-friendly.”  Mind you, I am not traveling in true backpacker form, but to others it looks like it because I am traveling alone and with a backpack.  ;)  But I am more than willing to go to New Zealand if that’s where my path leads.  It’s been on my list for years anyway.

I attended the lecture on acupuncture in the Medusa Lounge where I learned some points to help keep me from needing reading glasses, a technique to prevent dementia, one to help with seasickness, and another to assist with acclimating the body to all temperatures.  The only thing I had a hard time banking on was the “1st Aid” part where she showed what to do in case of stroke, unconsciousness, and “cardiac arrest” (assuming she actually meant heart attack).  But I do give some credit, because while I believe wholeheartedly in preventative medicine, she made it clear that Eastern medicine does not replace Western (emergency) medicine, they simply compliment each other. 

Here on the ship, hygiene and cleanliness are a top priority!  I’m definitely okay with this, but the applications of hand sanitizer to-and-from anywhere, is getting old.  At the restaurants, the staff has to spray your hands as you enter.  I guess the general population doesn’t wash their hands enough. 

Some personal tid-bits for you: the staff have complimented me on my dreads way more than any of the passengers, an American passenger spoke Spanish to me, and asked if I also had a dragon tattoo, and I’ve been told I looked like a musician.  It’s been interesting!  I was initially wearing SeaBands - those things that fight off travel sickness in a natural way...last time I cruised (10 yrs. ago) I had pretty awful vertigo.  I didn’t experience nausea, but the dizziness was distracting.  Well, I took  off the SeaBands last night while I slept and only put them on this morning for a short while.  I haven’t had them on for hours and think I’m okay.  The movement isn’t so bad; actually, it’s kind of soothing.  I haven’t even needed the Ginger chews I brought...Yippee!

The ship position is 41 16.60 N, 006 49.67 E and the temperature in in the 40’s.  Good thing I’m back in the Thermal Suite!  It’s 12:24pm (05:39 am CST) and it’s nice having a place to sit without having to scour for seating or get some peace and quiet (other than being in my room).  Seriously, it’s totally worth the $150 I spent for 12 days of heaven, rather than the $145 I considered spending on a 50-minute Pro Collagen Marine Facial or the $195 on the 75-minute Herbal Thai Poultice massage.  

The 2:30pm Port & Shopping presentation was interesting, but I didn’t really learn anything.  In fact, I bailed at 3pm because it was centered around the purchase of high cost items.  I forget sometimes that I am not one of the cookie-cutter kind. 

I was hungry, so I went to the Blue Lagoon on my floor and near my stateroom.  There I had some very good vegetable lasagna who’s primary ingredient was portabello mushrooms and zucchini.  The portions are a size that are perfect for me!  They fill me up and even though there is not much vegetarian cuisine to choose from, my tummy has been fully satisfied.  The food is included...unless of course you go to the majority of restaurants who charge a “cover charge” of $10 - $25.  I don’t know what I think about that yet and/or if it’s worth it.  Water (in a glass), tea, and coffee are all included, but branch out for a cappuccino and it’ll cost ya $2.88 since it’s made at the bar.  It’s a very good thing I don’t drink alcohol! The bottled water and Pellegrino in my room are $5.25 each.  You can see how charges can add up if you let them!

I met with my “friends” at 5pm; acupuncture is at 7pm.  During the session, my skin, shoulders, knees, and muscular neck tension will be treated.  I have no doubt that I’ll feel better and more capable of relaxing the duration of the voyage.

The spotlight show tonight at 9:30pm is SHOUT!  It should be entertaining for me because it’s a 60’s music spectacular performed by six females with striking voices. 

I’m going to hit the hay right after the show.  Rome in the morning.  OMG!  I cannot wait  :-}

Okay, now that i’ve started thinking in BLOG format, I am going to say good night.  LOVE YOU!

P.S.  I’m having problems uploading pics since I am on satellite internet....so if you Wanna see pictures?  Go HERE and ENJOY!

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