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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sayulita! ...I was there and loved it

Sayulita, Mexico is 28 miles north of Puerto Vallarta.  It's about a 45 minute bus ride from the airport.

I stayed at Casa Susana - a lovely place with a gorgeous view!

Casa Susana is a two level home.  The owners live on the 1st level and they rent out the 2nd.  This is a frequent arrangement here (and in many vacation spots all over the world).  I really enjoyed the open-air bath room!  And it was wonderful to be able to wake up each morning with a cool breeze and sunrise...

 I did wake up to this wacky sound many times...took me a while to figure out what it was  ;-?

One part of my daily routine was my journey up and down the cobblestone hill.  I did this three times every day, to and from Casa Susana.  I got my exercise, no doubt!  =)



The plant life is incredible in Sayulita!  
Here are some of the many things I saw...

check out the spiky pods on the right

baby coconuts

enlightened tree


Hiking in Sayulita was fantastic!  I got to climb big rocks, swing on bendy branches, feel sweet breezes, see great views, find beautiful flowers - what a TREAT!!!  And they all lead to the beach  ;)

Some of my other activities while in Sayulita included Hatha yoga at Paraiso, shopping for handmade crafts, beach-combing, playing in the sand, eating great vegetarian & vegan food, flying a kite, going to the farmers market, meditating, adding to the stone homage at the beach (mine was 7 high), seeing wild animals that were caged by the circus (sad - very sad), and discovering some sort of sea creature (i thought it might be a sea leech, but those look different).

I got a macrame bracelet with Obsidian from this jewelry artist - very nice guy; we tried to have a conversation, but it didn't last for long since I don't speak Spanish fluently  ;(  Plus, his dreads were freakin awesome!

During breakfast at ChocoBanana I would frequently watch this man craft with beads.  He was so focused and produced a multitude of beautiful things during the week I was there.

I also saw some graffiti by an artist, EFox who's website you can see here
art on the right side of the abandoned building

The beaches were most beautiful and listening to the waves from the casa was soothing.  I must say that the water is a little more violent than I am used to.  I played in it a few times, but stayed close to shore due to warnings from locals.  It was great watching the many activities on the beach - surfing, paddleboarding, dogs playing, hula-hooping, reading, kissing, sunning, running...the list goes on  :->

hula-hoop girl
high tide surfing

 I had a most wonderful, relaxing week in Sayulita and am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful place!!  see more pictures HERE

I'm off for my next adventure on Thursday!  Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and Malta.

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  1. What a great adventure!!!! I'm just starting to blog, heck I'm just starting to get a life! Can't wait to see your next post from the other side of the world!!!!